Offered by School District 42 (Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows) for Grades 6 and 7 (September 2019), Cyberschool offers the traditional school curriculum using technology as a 21st century tool to enhance and extend student learning.

Flexibility and choice, collaborative learning, inquiry, and knowledge building are elements of this program.

Students will interact with other students and their teacher, utilize the resources of the internet, and discuss issues online while still being able to retain the personal contact that traditional face-to-face learning allows.

Transition into the Program

In addition to enrolling students with positive learning skills, the success of Cyberschool will require learning specific organizational skills. We plan a careful transition where students will learn:

• how to effectively use the Cyberschool web site including various online learning resources
• how to care for and use their laptops
• expectations for both face-to-face and online days
• basic technology including web browsing, email, and word processing
• advanced online learning software (Zoom) which will put the classroom online
• how to use additional online resources that students can access to assist them during online days
• team building both in the classroom and online
• discussion techniques for online conferencing
• how to use the weekly assignment sheet to plan out and complete curricular goals
• how to troubleshoot difficulties encountered when online in terms of software, hardware, and perception of what is done during the online day

Schedule at a Glance


Successful Parents and Students

A Good Cyberstudent Should Have:

• self-motivation
• average or above average reading level or parental support for reading
• effective time management skills or the willingness to learn these skills
• ability to undertake and complete assignments independently
• parental commitment to support and supervise student learning

A Cyberstudent’s Parent/Guardian Must:

• register his/her child for Cyberschool
• supervise, or arrange for supervision of, his/her child
• commit to supervising and supporting his/her child’s learning

Each year, many families work out supervision schedules that can accommodate 2 or 3 students working together on Cyberdays.

Why Cyberschool?

Positive Aspects of Cyberschool

• With the current advances in technology, the time and place where students learn is becoming less important.
• Students who are well-motivated independent learners can benefit from having choices in how they learn.
• Learning can be enriched by the resources and environment that online learning allows.
• Working individually at home allows students to work at their own speed with fewer distractions, but still have the ability to get individual help from their teacher as well as collaborate online with their classmates.
• Cyberschool accommodates a variety of family situations and provides an alternative delivery method for students.
• Cyberschool allows students to get individualized help and work collaboratively with others.
• Students will be accountable, as the completion of weekly work will be monitored when students are in class.
• Students will have the opportunity to pursue enrichment or remediation activities.
• Students will have the technology needed given to them for the duration of their year in Cyberschool as the laptop program is part of Cyberschool.