On Cyberdays:

There are a number of ways to get in contact with the teachers on a Cyberday. Use whatever method that will help you.

Messaging Use your iPad to send a message.

Contact Mr. Smeed at

Contact Mrs Dew at    .

Email – 

Mark Smeed –

Neysa Dew-   .

School Phone – A last resort. Be really, really nice to the secretary. The school phone is 604 – 463 – 8730.

In person – If you live close enough, why not get some face-to-face help? IWe’re here so you are welcome to drop by – just tell us you’re coming.

Parent Contact:

Email – The best way to deal with small issues on a timely basis is to email us –

Phone – You are welcome to phone the teachers at school at 604 – 463 – 8730.

In person – Feel free to phone either of the teachers or the school and make an appointment.