Island of the Blue Dolphins

A Novel Study Unit featuring:

Basic 5 week novel study including vocabulary, comprehension questions, literary activities and summaries.

Links to enrichment activities

Links to extra information relating to the novel.

Weekly Assignments

Chapters 1 - 6

Chapters 7 - 12

Chapters 13 - 18

Chapters 19 - 24

Chapters 25 - 29

Enrichment Links

Explore the Island - Great site with lots of interesting activities (easy)

Home Alone - A webquest where you make a news article about the story (medium)

Tourist Promotion of the Island - This webquest has students create a travel promotion for the island. (medium)

SCORE CyberGuide for Island of the Blue Dolphins- posters, dioramas, slides shows, diagrams and biographies in this excellent enrichment site of five activities (challenging)

Cool Links

Survival and Karana - a site which has lots of links about survival and some about the character of Karana

Learn About Island of the Blue Dolphins - a series of web based activities that look at the people and places of the novel

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