Service Industries in France

P. 344

In the jobs you have read about so far, people produce or sell something that you can eat or use, such as cheese, automobiles and clothing. But many other jobs involve services. The people in these jobs produce something that you need but that you cannot touch or eat or feel. These people might be teachers or bus drivers or nurses. They are employed in the service industries.

In France, about half the people who work are employed in the service industries. These people work as train engineers, bank clerks, truck drivers, canal boat operators and waiters or waitresses. Many work for the government, teaching school, running the telephone and television systems, surveying land, issuing permits for everything from weddings to buildings and doing many other jobs.

. Can you name some jobs in the service industries in Canada?

Tourism in France

Sun worshippers stretch out on Mediterranean beaches, long lines of art lovers snake through art museums and thirsty people sample fine French wines. All these people are tourists.

More than 20 million foreign tourists visit France every year. They spend a great deal of money on food, accommodation, travel and souvenirs. Some of the most important tourist attractions in France are museums, art galleries, old castles, monuments, parks, beaches, mountain and ocean scenery and good food and wine.

The tourist industry employs many people. Can you suggest some of the jobs done by people in this industry?