Music in France

The French enjoy many types of music. Folk music is sung and played at festivals but is not part of daily life for most French people. Classical music, by French and other European composers, is frequently played. Jazz is also popular and can be heard in concerts, on the radio and on television.

More people listen to modern popular music. French singers, known as chanteurs and chanteuses, are well known. They sing about many themes; one of the most popular is love. Young people listen to the same type of music you might listen to. They like rock and pop music composed and sung by French groups.

Young people in France also listen to music in English, German and other European languages. Le hit parade - the most popular pop and rock songs - has been a part of French life for many years.

. How is French music like Canadian music?

The Cannes Film Festival

Movie stars and film directors stroll along the Croisette. Newspaper reporters and television announcers watch films that begin at midnight. Tourists crowd the town, hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous.

This is the Cannes (kahn) International Film Festival, probably the most famous film festival in the world. It is held every year in Cannes, on the Mediterranean coast. For two weeks, film producers show their works to film distributors, reporters and people in the film industry. The producers hope to get good reviews that will persuade people to show the films all around the world.

Because there are so many films to be seen, showings run all day and most of the night at the huge Festival Palace. Movie stars come to Cannes hoping they will get publicity that will be good for their careers.