Two Students Silenn and Fabien

Silenn (se len') and Fabien (fah byen') are two students who live with their families in Paris. Silenn was 11 when this picture was taken, and Fabien was 13.

Silenn talks about what she does each week:

I wake up about 7:30 every morning, have breakfast, then go out to meet my friends just after 8:00. We get to school about 8:25. Then we play in the schoolyard for a while - skipping or hide-and-seek or tag. Then we start our classes. My favourite classes on Monday are singing and gym (we play basketball or go jogging) and on Tuesday, art. On Fridays, we work in school in the morning, then do things outside after lunch. On Saturday morning, we review the whole week's work: grammar, arithmetic, everything.

At home, [like reading and watching 7V, going for walks, going to birthday parties. We have two and a half months' holiday in the summer. Sometimes we go to the seaside for a month. I have been to Italy and to America. Some of my friends have been to Germany and Austria. Lots of people go to the seaside or to the mountains in France.

Fabien describes what he does:

I have breakfast with my family - hot chocolate or hot coffee with lots of milk. Then I go to school. I go to a mixed schoolboys and girls. I wear jeans, a shirt, a tie - fairly formal clothes. Since I was six, I have been studying things like grammar and math. Now I also study geography, history, English, physical sciences and other subjects. We play sports; my favourite sport is handball. But I like indoor things better - chess and cards and reading.

School starts at 8:00 in the morning. Sometimes I eat lunch at home, sometimes at school. I have maybe a salad, maybe a sandwich. I go home at 4:30 and have an orange juice and, if I'm hungry, something to eat. Then I do homework for an hour, then maybe go cycling or play soccer with my friends. Then the family has supper, soup or something like that.

Maybe on the weekend I will go swimming or play sports with my friends. I don't go to church. Not many people I know go to church.