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For many people, supper has become the main meal of the day. But often the meal is no longer prepared from fresh food bought daily. Frozen, canned and preserved foods are becoming more popular in France. At one time, few French homes had refrigerators. Now more than four homes in five have them, so daily shopping is no longer necessary.

This does not mean that city people have forgotten the French tradition of fine cooking. Cities have hundreds of good restaurants that prepare classic French food, and on weekends many families sit down to a traditional meal. There are still many small stores - butchers, bakers, greengrocers and wine merchants-and many markets that sell fresh food.

The French like frozen food of high quality, but they do not like TV dinners. The most popular frozen foods are the same type of dishes that people used to prepare themselves when they had the time to do so.

But people in cities also eat dishes their grandparents never dreamed of. There are many restaurants serving foreign foods. Chinese, Vietnamese, North African, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and French-Canadian restaurants can be found in the larger cities.

. How is the French diet in the cities different from the French diet in the country?