Traditional French Clothing

Some French people wear traditional clothing. This style of clothing has not changed much since around 1900. In French cartoons you see the typical Frenchman wearing either dark blue overalls or loose, dark blue jacket and pants, with a beret (ba ra') on his head. The traditional dress for a Frenchwoman is a black skirt and blouse with a blue apron on top, or a black dress.

This type of clothing is most often seen on older people in small towns or in the countryside. Manual workers also wear this type of clothing because it is sturdy and practical for hard work. People who work in offices often wear dark, formal clothing. Men wear suits and ties, and women wear good dresses or suits. Children going to school always dress neatly. Boys often wear ties to school .

Traditionally, French people would rather spend money on one dress or suit than on three or four items of poorer quality. They like clothing that will still look neat and stylish after many wearings.

What are the advantages of traditional French clothing?