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      Bonjour and welcome to your study of France. You'll find out a great deal about this fascinating country that has had a major influence on world fashion and cuisine for centuries. So come and enjoy the ambience and atmosphere of this magnificent country.

      This unit is divided into two parts; the Assignments and the Project. The Assignments will provide you with the necessary background knowledge to be able to research and complete the Project properly, therefore you will complete the Assignments first. To access the Assignments, click on the Assignment icon to the left. Please take the time to read the Assignment Introduction, which will fill you in on how to download your Assignments, as well as provide you with other important information. To access the Project, click on the Project icon to the left. It to has a very important introduction that should be read carefully. Take the time now to familiarize yourself with this unit and how it is laid out.

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Bon Chance!