Blended Learning

A basic information site that answers the questions:
What is Blended Learning
Why use Blended Learning?
How does one create Blended Learning?
What medium can be used in Blended Learning?
What are the challenges of Blended Learning?
What are the advantages of Blended Learning?

Blended Learning Library - Elearning Centre

This page provides links to some resources on blended learning - that is a learning solution created through a mixture of face-to-face, live e-learning, self-paced learning as well through a mix of media - "the magic is in the mix!" or "the beauty is in the blend!"

Technology and PE?

This article, featured in Converge, examines some of the unexpected advantages to the use of technology including increased interest in areas such as PE, Music and the arts.

Connectivism - Rethinking Learning in a Digital Age

This presentation looks at connected learning in the context of Web 2.0.

Blogging 101--Web logs go to school

A C-Net Article on using blgs at school.

Effective Techniques for Keeping Web Discussions Running Smoothly

This paper takes a brief look at the skills necessary to run effective discussions during online learning.

Keeping Online Asynchronous Discussions on Topic

This research discusses thirteen different strategies for helping to make Online discussions more effective. The top four strategies were: "1)Carefully design questions that specifically elicit on-topic discussion, 2) provide guidelines to help online learners prepare on-topic responses, 3) reword the original question when responses are going in the wrong direction and 4) provide discussion summary on a regular basis."

Moving Online: Transforming Dynamic Face-to-Face Activities

An excellent PowerPoint presentation, given at the NECC 2003 conference in Seattle, this looks at how to effectively bring face-to-face activities online. There are quite a few good points looking at the importance of facilitation. This also includes a variety of links dealing with bringing courses online.

Evaluating Online Resources Notebook

A meta site which lists a variety of sites looking at evaluating online learning resources.

50 Ways to Leave Your Classroom

A PowerPoint slide show which, literally, gives 50 different ways to help teachers develop online content. Each step is simply stated with links giving examples for each tip. This was presented at NECC 2003 in Seattle.

Paperless Interactive Internet Learning Activities for Students in Junior Grades

This site is a place where students can find a variety on online activities to help thinking skills and problem solving. There are Math (good variety), Language Arts (some selections), Science (only one) and Fine Arts (a few) activities. Not a particularly attractive site, but some good links. Canadian site.

'Hybrid' Teaching Seeks to End the Divide Between Traditional and Online Instruction

This article discusses the advantages of a hybrid course model at the university level. Basically, it's the best of both worlds and the wave of the future.

Advantages of Hybrid Learning

This information page from the University of Wisconsin lists the advantages of hybrid learning which includes convenience, inheritability, flexibility, increased learning and increased retention.

Strategies for Building Blended Learning

This article discusses a number of issues related to blended or hybrid learning. Of particular note is the section on what is necessary for a blend - some of the points discussed here include encouraging independence, communication, and the fact that it is necessary to evaluate the learning and tweak how the blended learning is delivered.

Bulletproof Instructional Design : A Model for Blended Learning

This article’s main thrust is that design is as important, if not more so, than the time and money that goes into a blended learning environment.

Blended Learning

This is an Australian site which contains comprehensive information about blended learning. Many resources are here from answers to a number of questions to many different exemplars to downloadable pdf documents which contain the information listed in the site.

Stephen's Web

An article which discusses things to consider when hosting online conference discussions.

Effective Online Facilitation

This Australian site features an article on the types of qualities and online facilitator needs to have. Also includes further links on this topic.

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