Transition into the Program

In addition to enrolling students with positive learning skills, the success of Cyberschool will require learning specific organizational skills. We plan a careful transition where students will learn:

• how to effectively use the Cyberschool web site including various online learning resources
• how to care for and use their laptops
• expectations for both face-to-face and online days
• basic technology including web browsing, email, and word processing
• advanced online learning software (Moodle, Elluminate) which will put the classroom online
• how to use additional online resources that students can access to assist them during online days
• teambuilding both in the classroom and online
• discussion techniques for online conferencing
• how to use the weekly assignment sheet to plan out and complete curricular goals
• how to troubleshoot difficulties encountered when online in terms of software, hardware, and perception of what is done during the online day