Cyber FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1 How many days will be online?
A.1 In October, one day a week, working towards two days a week from November to until the end of the year.

Q.2 What day(s) will be online?
A.2 Initially - Thursday,  then Tuesday and Thursday..

Q.3 What if I temporarily cannot provide supervision for online days?
A.3 The child is welcome to come to school.

Q.4 What are the technology requirements for home?
A.4 Students will require a printer and internet connection. A device will be provided by SD 42.

Q.5 Will my child be online all day long?
A.5 No, students will only be required to be online when researching, participating in the online community, during online lessons and discussion, or at prearranged meeting times.